Tuesday, February 19, 2008

can't type, PD* taking over fingers...

*Percussionist's Disease- the inability to control the urge to create/mimic/construct/whatever drumlines/beats/solos/whatever when confronted with certain types of music. or levels of boredom. or...whatever.

This is why:

because Rodrigo y Gabriela rock.

so remember how I said I didn't understand how anyone could go hard-core groupie? (ok, no, you don't, because I've never blogged about it, but hey, whatever)
and then remember how I said that I'd make an exception, and with just an ounce less self-preservation I would hop on a plane and prostrate myself before Wadaiko Yamato until they taught me everything? (ounce less self-preservation, or one more concert...thank you Luther PAC! woo 4th row seats and the chance to play with the drums afterward and learn how to say "ready? one, two, three- F*CK!" in japanese!)

we're not sure which swear word came after three, but it was clear that it was not a nice word, because it was said as the giant daiko decided it wanted to roll that way, not this way, and that way lay a 7 foot drop and a maybe 4'5'' japanese woman.

but I digress.

I will make another exception for Rodrigo y Gabriela, and that's just off a CD. also inspired me to actually unpack and begin connecting the stereo equipment that has been languishing in boxes, because I was listening to the CD in the car and on my laptop and then went...I have big speakers in boxes...must...listen...and it's probably a good thing that I didn't have any speaker cable, because otherwise I might have been evicted. apartment, marit, apartment...no cranking up the music.

now go buy this. right now. seriously. it will angl0saxx0r your face clean off.

I realize that 'angl0saxx0r' isn't really the most appropriate term to use here, but I love that superlative (ok, it's not really a superlative, shush) and I love this duo, and love should be together, way?

and this just makes me want to go mad wicked crazy and shake some sense into homeland security.

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