Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Life imitating TV.

So...I have a physics exam in 36 hours. roughly.

Usually this means entertaining physics prof quotes, but...I have none.

Unless you count laughing inanely at questions asked by students, and that's not really entertaining. especially when the question is not, then, y'know, answered.

Anyway. Elliot came over to pick up his FastPass and stayed to watch a stargate episode. We started out with a computer-entity-enter-the-matrixy episode, but The Boy's computer was not being friendly with the Xbox so we switched (to the glee of Elliot and myself) to the "Window of Opportunity" episode, where a chunk of the universe gets stuck in a "bubble" of a 6-hr time loop a la groundhog day, and only two of the characters are aware of it.

so military "I need that in captain-dummy talk' (to mix shows a bit) has to learn how to translate an alien language loosely based on Latin, which makes me giggle.

and there's this image (thank you, internet, you might be a scary scary place, but when you really need something (and you're willing to dig, which can be...scary...) you can find it).
every time this shot is shown on the screen, I giggle. or snicker. it depends on the level of brain function available to me. after a day of studying for's a giggle.
(although the soul patch/goateelet (kidlet?) has. got. to. go.)

some video clips (yay youtube!):

and here's a good analog of my mental reactions to physics anything right now...

and because there was no short clip of the latin,

and...not from any episode, but...c'mon. you were so thinking it.

and with this, I am forcibly removing myself from the internet.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laughs! Sending good, calm, thoughts for physics tomorrow.
..wish the last clip would have been longer. It would have been fun to hear all the reactions. mor