Thursday, February 28, 2008

Midterm in T- 5 hours...eeeeep.

taking a break from studying to give you what should be entertaining professor quotes (but we've already discussed that...)

instead, you get entertaining comics from XKCD. Go clicky.

First, something that made me laugh and then cringe, because it's physics...yep.

and also made me think about physics, since it's been a ridiculously long time since I played any MarioKart. (ok, since I failed-at-playing MarioKart, let's be honest).
just replace the "MarioKart" wedge with "MasteringPhysics."

this one is for my mum.Because it is oh so true:you know it's true. if you don't, beware becoming entrapped in...The Wikipedia Loop...

and because I do occasionally mourn the loss of the Best Couch Fort Furniture Ever...(my parent's basement furniture. papasan chairs and two couches with removable cushions, and after a few years, a secret door because the wooden slats were 'removable.' good stable cushions, too, not floppy (well, the papasan cushions were floppy, but that's beside the point.)
and who wouldn't want an apartment full of the little plastic balls? ...that's assuming they were new, and hadn't been living in a fast food playpen for years.)

and lastly:enjoy.

I'm going to go bury my face in the care package mom sent me (O'boy and yarn. and quarters. and tea. and Chef. and scrabble earrings and a wee little enamellert skilpadde.) and then...go back to studying.

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