Friday, February 01, 2008

I lied.

I said nothing could wipe the sillyfool grin from my face.

why must I taunt fate that way?
does this look like a sillyfool grin to you? No. that is the bleary stare (squint?) of "oh god why must physics suck more than the indeterminable blackness of space? and why must all physicists use silly similar names for very different or not so different things? what the hell is an equipotential line and how does it differ from the electric fields or the electric lines of force or the electric field lines or the *bamf*"

...that *bamf* was my brain imploding out of self-preservation.

I had grandiose* plans of making actual food- a sort of asian-inspired beefy citrusy thing- but no longer.

now I shall damage my hearing with saint-sæns, knit, and stare at the oven until it disgorges my pizza.

*mmm. grandiosa. man I wish I could get grandiosa here...and in 3 hours, it would be lørdagspizza.

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