Sunday, February 10, 2008

nemi! some of my random favorites.

all the comics below are created by lise, from this website.

This was me, yesterday night, at Dan's birthday party: (I was Nemi, not Cyan.)
"I think I'm going to throw up. I'm so full!"
"be happy you're not a squid!"
"a squid's brain is formed like a doughnut-" "and its digestive system goes through that doughnut- so if the squid overeats..." "it can get brain damage!"
"I definitely have to throw up."

and yesterday morning, waking up early before dropping the boy off in berkeley and finishing my physics lab of doom-"And you dare to call me now!"
"After painting all of my armadillos blue, and- what?- no, I know that you didn't"
"do it, but I dreamed..."

"note to self: if the telephone wakes you: don't answer it."

only it was an alarm on my cell phone. still.

This one is for Kates, who is stuck in the land of credits and requirements and transfers and philosophy:Going maaaaaad!
mad, mad mad!!
What came first?!
Of mental illness and the ability to think abstractly?

This one is because living so close to berkeley sometimes makes me twitchy...
AARGH! they're messing around with clones and gene-manipulating animals all the time now!
Banned from the pub for life?! HAH! meed DOG OF DOOM!
Hello? horrible?
Hm? yeah. horrible.

...because this is how my brain works, sometimes...I wonder what kind of small talk people had before there was music? that's what for the most part people talk about when they want to get to know each other?
I like this beat!
Hah! I like this more.
nah...I wasn't thinking that far back in time...I mean: before there were bands, movies, and sports...the things that tell so much about who you are! what did they talk about? what broke the ice during the first half hour of a date?
did you see the shooting star last night? it was so beautiful...
*HAH! you're not the one for me! I don't like sky-crap. I like avalanches.*
everything between the ** is in a different dialect. think cockney, or geordie, or deep-appalachia.

And lastly, because I miss Finnmark...
What are you doing today?
Drink beer-
...and then I have to vacuum.
is there any point, now that it's dark?
just beer, then.
I like the winter.
...I dont think that one needs translating. :)

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