Friday, February 29, 2008


I have a phrase-o-th-day calendar on my desk. It's 365 days of latin fun. Whee!

today, on this leap day, we get to rejoice in this phrase:

Dei pia facta vident.

or, someone is watching.


I like January 21 a lot better.
Carmina morte carent. songs do not die. ah, Ovid.

some others:
Deliberando saepe perit occasio. let's get down to business. (or, literally, Break out a bottle!) (...this is why I like latin.)
Absolvi meam animan. I have set my mind free.

some days I feel like shouting this:
Nemo scit praeter me ubi soccus me pressat. no one but me knows where my shoe hurts. (i.e. don't tell me what's bothering me.)

The day before my physics exam, I got this:
Dicta docta pro datis. words are cheap.

And if you're feeling existential:
Quid hoc sibi vult? what does this mean?
(and Cave Madidissimus- beware of supersoakers! ...well, beware of soaked-est. I'm still brainfried from physics midterms, shush.)

And more XKCD!hehehehehe. you know it's true.

And while I don't advocate this, and might not usually find it as entertaining as I did, but you know, a physics midterm sort of skews your mindset a bit.and it was hilarious to read in the midst of figuring out the equivalent resistivity of nasty resistor/capacitor circuits.
now go click the linky and enjoy.

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