Saturday, February 23, 2008


eyep. why now? because I'm trying to sprout a mango.

mmm, mango.

I miss real mangos. I was at Whole Foods staring at the mangos (this was the fateful Day Of The Door, which I didn't actually blog about, because it was just too horrible), trying to figure out which of the rock-hard greeny red globs were ripe, when I heaved a heavy sigh. The woman standing next to me said "So I take it that means I can't ask you how to tell when they're ripe?" I said no, and that these mangos looked nothing like the mangos I got used to on the RCS.

And by the time the mango was ripe, I'd eaten all the coconut rice pudding, and now the mango's overripe, which means my options are 1) stirfry that baby up with some chili, onions, and peanut sauce to go along with the pork tenderloin currently in the oven or 2) take it, a can of whipped cream, and my naked self to the tub (or ocean) and eat it (so sayeth the internet...).

I'm going for option one, because I'm not a fan of canned whipped cream (and whipped cream + mango doesn't sound that appealing) and because my tub is too little and I think that whole suggestion was based on the assumption that the eater was between the ages of 2 and 6, or at least possessed of the dexterity of a 2-6 year old.

anyone know whether mango/mangos/mangoes is like tomato/tomatos/tomatoes? because mangoes looks wrong, but isn't underlined by the Red Spellcheck Line Of Death.
although it could just be me looking at 'mangoes' and mentally translating into 'mangøs' and then trying to figure out what that means.

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