Sunday, February 03, 2008


so. The Hat is almost done.

what is The Hat?

my most recent knitting project, in response to the creator of Friendly Hostility holding a contest for fanstuffs. I'm not into writing fanfic and too persnickity about my artwork to do fanart, but...I can knit. and Padma's Hat was begging to be unleashed upon the world.

and I was looking for an excuse to try knitting plaid.

here is a picture of the hat as envisioned by its creator, K. Fuhr, now go read and worship:and here is the first stage of The Hat:it needs blocking and, of course, 'teeth! red eyes! an unmistakeable aura of evil!'

and I might rip out the crown shaping and redo, because it still looks too watchcap and not enough squished-ancient-might-have-once-been-fedora-like.

still. I'm getting somewhere.

and I conquered the beast that was the flat surface of my dresser and the pile of books in the living room today. ...doing so required reclaiming one of the bookshelves designated for The Boy but...he wasn't using it, anyway. he's still let's ignore the fact that I have three, shall we? and that if he doesn't start using the one he's got left he's gonna lose it too? sssh.

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